TexcelVision Differentiators

Texcelvision helps progressive companiesachieve its corporate objectives by working collaboratively with its clients and providing personalized, specialized and value added services at competitive rates.

  • Customer Focus and Collaboration

    Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to TexcelVision. We collaborate with our customers to understand their needs to deliver cost effective technology solutions.

  • Domain and Technical Experience

    Texcelvision offers a unique blend of technical and domain experience.Texcelvision’s resources with domain expertise in diverse industries, take the time to understand your business processes to ensure that the technical solutions provided are in line with your business needs.

  • Flexibility

    Texcelvision believes in meeting customer requirements - whether they involve on-site or off-site services, whether they involve turnkey solutions, staff augmentation or specialized consulting, whether they involve deployment of a few resources or a whole project team, we will work with you.

  • Competitive Rates

    TexcelVision offer very competitive rates while preserving the superior quality.

  • Personalized Attention

    Account Managers have more than twenty years of industry experience and are the primary point of contact. The project plans incorporate frequent reviews and progress update meetings held by the account managers.

  • Efficiency

    Our program managers and technical resources have extensive experience working on US and international projects. Using a combination of project planning and management skills and the ability to utilize the right people, skills and tools for the right job we have set records of managing and executing projects that not only met the expected efficiency levels but surpassed them.

  • Project Management

    Managing Expectations, effective communications, project planning and management skills are the core attributes of our Managers.

  • Reduce time-to market

    Where time to market is an important consideration, we work along with our offshore team to provide a 24X7 working model and help clients get the competitive edge needed in today’s environment.

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